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Øone's Blueprints: The Lost City

Øone\'s Blueprints: The Lost City

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Date Added: Thursday 03 January, 2019

by Megan Robertson

Finding a lost city can ensure your name goes down in history or even provide you with fabulous wealth... or your death! It can certainly be an adventure. So here is one, ready to explore. The introductory notes explain how the customisation tools work, enabling you to decide whether or not you wish to display heavy fill, a grid, numbers, or the furiture and other set dressing supplied. It's reasonably flexible and handled neatly. There also are some ideas about what's going on here that might have drawn your party to explore...

The first plan is an overview of the city as a whole. There's a large walled complex with a couple of gates that contains a massive pyramid and other structures (the introduction suggests these are temples) and there are many smaller structures outside the walls. There is also an entrance to the city which looks like a river dock... this could prove interesting if, as is suggested, you situate the lost city in the middle of a desert, half buried in sand!

Next up is one of the structures from the main compound, which is tagged as the Hall of Heroes. This has a long pillared hallway with statues in niches, and another area down a long corridor that has more statues standing as if on guard outside a series of small rooms. It's a bit unclear where this is on the overview map, but if you take the entrance to the Hall of Heroes to be the entrance through the walls into the compound it begins to make a little more sense. Perhaps everyone entering the compound is obliged to pass through here in respect to those heroes who have gone before.

These are followed by a couple of temples - which if the 'fill' is to be believed are carved out of solid rock! Each consists of a pillared worship area with at least one statue. Next is a page showing another small temple and what are described as a series of crypts - long passageways with lots of tiny rooms. Then there comes a plan labelled 'Main Crypt (Pyramid)' - think of the internal structure of the Great Pyramid at Giza and you get the idea, one major tomb down a long flight of steps.

In an attempt to make things clear, the final plan is a side elevation/cross-section showing how the main crypt is positioned within the pyramid. You are then provided with a few pages on which to make your own notes.

The central burial complex is covered quite well, but the rest of the city has been rather neglected. What are all the other buildings? Where did people live? Or did they only come here to bury - and perhaps even worship - their dead? Have fun coming up with answers to these questions! These plans will do nicely for more modern games as well when you need a complex of this kind for the party to explore.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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