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Øone's Blueprints: Hill of Many Dungeons

Øone\'s Blueprints: Hill of Many Dungeons

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Date Added: Thursday 27 December, 2018

by Megan Robertson

If you have ever visited the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, you probably dreamed of exploring the numerous tombs to be found there. This is the next best thing, a hill with no less than five separate dungeons riddling it. The notes suggest that if you prefer, you can interconnect them or even dispense with the hill and stack them to create a multi-level complex. Several suggestions are provided for what you might put in them but ultimately it's up to you!

The first map provides an overview: the complete hill with all five dungeons outlined. Like all the maps, it's available in either blue or black and white, and you can make limited modifications by means of checkboxes on the blue version (which affect both, so if you want to use the black one, you set up what you want to see on the blue one). Most of the dungeons have entrances from the hillside (one has several), but one in the middle has no obvious means of ingress.

Next up is Dungeon Number 1, which is a purpose-built tomb with several crypts full of coffins as well as a primary burial chamber with yet another coffin on a plinth. This could be anything from a family tomb to the hideout of a whole gang of vampires. A storeroom at one side leads off to some natural caverns at least one of which has been turned into living quarters - by a mage, judging by the summoning circle and pentacle inscribed on the floor. Further away, there's a spiral stair leading who knows where...

Dungeon Number 2 looks deliberately constructed for magical purposes. It has but a single fairly discreet entrance, but some of the mystic circles probably do duty as teleports. Perhaps this is the meeting place of a bunch of wizards who do not want their activities overlooked - maybe they live in a region where magic is controlled or banned, and need a safe place to work. Or they are dangerous magic-wielding revolutionaries...

Dungeon Number 3 has no less than four entrances, each with steps (up or down as you please) leading into a veritable maze of passageways, all constructed. Again this is a magical or possibly clerical community, but one with a more open-door policy than Dungeon Number 2. It has a lot of statues, so unless they venerate mages who have gone before, the place is probably religious in nature.

Dungeon Number 4 also has no discernable entrance, so it's back to teleporting. There is a spiral stair, which may lead to an entrance, however. One hall is so filled with pillars that it will be difficult to move around, let alone see from side to side.

Finally, Dungeon Number 5 has no overt entrances either. Again there's a couple of spiral stairs, which may lead up (or even possibly down) to a way in, and there's a star-shaped chamber with a large pentacle that may serve for teleportation purposes. The complex is dominated by a long hall lined with statue-filled niches, and it also boasts an underground river. Let your imagination run wild as you determine who constructed this and who may be living there now.

There's a lot of scope here. Dream up your backstory and populate one or more of these dungeons with inhabitants all ready for wandering adventurers...

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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