Battlemaps: Dungeon Rooms Vol.IV

Battlemaps: Dungeon Rooms Vol.IV

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Date Added: Tuesday 18 April, 2006

by Megan Robertson

Every time 0one Games produce another set of maps, they are better than the ones before! After customisable maps and walk-through movies, they've returned to the original 'battlemap' suitable for those who like to use miniatures (but beautiful and useful to anyone), but even here the quality and appearance has improved from earlier offerings.

So, what do we get this time? The usual collection of lush chambers to place in a dungeon, with loads of detail that starts spawning ideas as you glance through the pages. Each one comes in 3 versions: full colour, greyscale and line art; so you can choose which sort you want to print out.

The first room depicted is the entrance to a mine. It's quite technologically advanced, with some rail tracks and trucks and a big furnace of some kind opposite the way out. Light filters in with great atmospheric effect, and various tools have been left lying around as if the miners had just stepped out for a moment.

The next one is probably my favourite - the cartography room. A big room with several racks of shelving and a large table in the middle with several maps spread out over it, a big globe standing to one side. There are scrolls and charts just about everywhere, and you can easily imagine a sage pottering around muttering as he answers obscure qeographical questions posed by the characters, or perhaps a general plotting his next campaign.

This is followed by a far less restful room, the King's Crypt. Now I thought you buried people in crypts, but there is no tomb as such, just a skeleton sprawled on a throne at one end of the room. Still, the place looks a bit battered and there are some coffins with the lids removed in alcoves, so maybe that is where the kings were buried originally, even if marauders have been in since.

The next room is rather strange. It's entitled 'Alcove' and is a sort of 4-lobed chamber, carpeted in a vaguely-Arabic style with cushions scattered around. Perhaps a wizard contemplates here, or some potentate entertains his close retainers...

Next comes a big 2-page spread, the Dwarf God Temple. (People who have read 0one Games' adventure Deadly Ice will already know of a suitable deity to worship here. It's an imposing place, with a colonnaded hall and an idol on a well-lit dais at one end.

Next comes a room associated with the temple, and one of those little details that often get forgotten - it's a dressing room for the clerics to put on ceremonial attire and prepare for worship. There are racks of vestments and chests for storage, everything emblazoned with the double-axe symbol of the deity. It may be used for meetings of the religious as well, there's a large chair behind a desk for the senior cleric and chairs around the walls for the others to sit on.

Next comes an incredible underground dock: so detailed that you can almost see the water ripple. A small boat is tied up here, and various nautical implements - including a couple of huge anchors - lie around.

Finally there are a couple of circular chambers - the Gemstone Room and the Magic Tree Room... which, yes, has a whole tree growing in the middle of it. You'll have to figure out where it gets its light from - but it should certainly intrigue those characters who make it thus far into your dungeon!

These rooms just about cry out to have an adventure written round them.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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