The Great City Player's Guide

The Great City Player\'s Guide

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Date Added: Wednesday 20 October, 2010

by Dark Mistress

The Great City: Players Guide by 0onegames

This product is 111 pages long. The cover, credits and forward take up 5 pages.

Chapter 1 – Races (8 pages)
There is 2 human ethnicity the Azindraleans and Kortezians. With three new races and information about each of the classic DnD races. It talks about the races role in the city and the general area's they live. The three new races are.
Gur – There is 3 variations, they are half blooded golbiniods. Bugbear, Hobgoblin and Goblin.
Half Giant – Large strong and tough race. They normally get psionic bonuses and abilities, but it has replacement abilities if you don't use psionics.
Roachkin – Humans that have for generations lived in the sewers of the city until they evolved for that environment.

Chapter 2 – Base Classes (28 pages)
Cultkiller – d10, 2 skills, 2 good saves, all weapons/armor, full BaB. A fighter with special abilities to track down and capture/kill cultist.
Ghostblade – d10, 4 skills, full BaB, light medium armor, all weapons. A fighter that taps into the ghosts of long dead warriors. A interesting class.
Guttermage – d8, 6 skills, medium BaB, 2 good saves, simple weapons. A variation of a sorcerer, max 6th level spells. Limited spell list. Special abilities deal with living in the city. Class would be weak if played outside of a city.
Neopagan – d8, 4 skills, medium BaB, simple, light weapons and bows. Light medium non-metal armor. 2 good saves. The have a power pool for casting spells, they can absorb more points by countering other casters, which blocks the spell and refills their essence pool a certain number of times a day. Limited spell list. A very interesting new class with a new magic system.
Urbanist – d8, 4 skills, medium BaB, simple/light weapons, light/medium armors. This class makes gadgets to use. They get X number of fuel points, there is 3 kinds of fuels, each with x number of energy points. The gadgets require X amount of energy to work each. Each day the Urbanist can remake their fuel so could power different devices or even just keep the fuel and only load items when said item is needed. Which makes the class versatile and very neat. I did find one part confusing the fuels and energy. I had to email the authors to get clarification. After I got it, it seemed obvious, but I recommend a very minor rewrite to make it more clear.

The chapter ends with a big list of gadgets the Urbanist can make and use.

Chapter 3 – Feats (2 pages)
11 new feats some generic and some tied to the new classes.

Chapter 4 – Professions (3 pages)
There is several city based professions the PC's can take, each one allows for something special to be done with a certain skill. Such as Bounty Hunter able to roll to determine likely places someone might go. There is also a new NPC class the Barrister aka lawyer.

Chapter 5 – Prestige Classes (17 pages)
Crossroad Guardian – d8, 4 skills, medium BaB. 5 level PRC, based on communing with spirits that grant them luck. They also get some of their old classes abilities as they level.
Insurrectionist – d10, 4 skills, Full BaB, all weapons and armor. 10 level PrC, this class is all about fighting those in power to over throw the government while staying hidden.
Moon Warrior – d10, 4 skills, 2 good saves, Full BaB. 10 level PrC, spell casting PrC that learns spells from 2nd to 6th level. Other abilities deal with the moon who they worship.
Numismatist – d8, 6 skills, medium BaB. 5 level PrC, +1 caster level each level. All their special abilities deal with money.
Rooftop Runner – d8, 8 skills, medium BaB. 10 level PrC, a cat burglar with bonus to climbing and running on roofs. They also learn a few low level spells as supernatural abilities.
Sewer Runner – d8, 6 skills, medium BaB, 2 good saves. 10 level PrC, they live in the sewers. Class abilities help them survive and fight in that environment.
Shadow Mage – d6, 2 skills, low BaB. 7 level PrC, +6 caster levels. Class abilities give bonuses to shadow magic and shadow based abilities.

Chapter 6 – Organizations (8 pages)
There is 21 organizations in this section. 2 of which are brand new to the setting with a couple of pages of information for each. The rest all get about half a page of information, as well as each one gets a trait. Traits are a optional rule in Pathfinder.

Chapter 7 – Tongs (7 pages)
There is 5 tongs or small groups in this section. It talks about each one with a list of about 10 missions for each group, they are likely to send PC's on seeking to join.

Chapter 8 – Equipment (4 pages)
This section has a few new weapons and armor. A section on some new equipment from bear trap to reversible clothing to rickshaw and costs for a few more NPC services.

Chapter 9 – Magic Items (5 pages)
This section has 16 new magic items and 1 minor artifact. They average fair to good.

Chapter 10 – Property (4 pages)
This section has cost for buying properties and minimum cost of living to live in them. It adds in modifiers for the type of area(slum, merchant etc). They included a random mishap chart of bad things that can happen to your property, each month there is a 5% chance something bad happens. If it does roll on the chart.

It also has information on running a business with modifiers for type of business and how to dodge taxes. I wish this section had been larger and more devoted to it. What is here is good but I would have loved to have seen more.

Chapter 11 – Astrology and Religion (5 pages)
There is 12 signs, with new rules for being born under the signs. When your sign is high you can reroll one roll per day, when it is new then the GM can ask to reroll one die. Interesting idea but seems like a lot of book keeping for a full group.

There is also 5 new gods and 3 new domains. The gods and domains are well done and interesting.

Chapter 12 – Spells (10 pages)
There is 30 new spells. A few spells to give you a idea.
City Lights - 2nd level spell that lets you focus the light into a ranged attack. 1D6 per 2 levels. It must be done in a area of normal light levels.
Broadside Spy - 6th level spell, allows one to scry on a poster or piece of paper you touch for a number of days. Any time you focus you can see through the paper as if it was a window.
Orphans Eyes – 1st level spell, Makes you appear weak and pitiful. Gain a bonus on social skills, breaks if you attack.

The spells are all very urban based, some only working in a urban environment. All and all I thought the spells was ok, some I liked a lot and some I was meh about.

Chapter 13 – Appendix (2 pages)
It has conversion rules for converting the rules to 3.5 DnD.

It finishes with OGL, ad, and back cover (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. All and all it is a good book. It's best strength is also it's biggest weakness. It is very urban focused, while much of the work could be adapted to any city. It is tied a bit to the default setting the great city. The PrC's was done well and for the most part not to tied to the setting though most are urban based. The classes are well done and also not really tied to the setting. I especially liked the NeoPagen and Urbanist. They are both interesting with a new take on magic. I would almost recommend the book on that alone.

Organizations, Tongs and religion was all well done but are all pretty tied to the setting so of only limited use for those playing in other settings. Though some of it could be adapted and I did like the added traits. Spells and magic items where decent. But what I liked about the book was the two classes and the section on property. Those was hands down the best parts of the book and nearly worth the price of the book alone.

The art work is fair to good, there was a few editing mistake and one fairly confusing part that I brought to the authors attention. So my ratings are as follows. If you play in the Great City setting then this is a 4.5 star product. If you plan to run a urban based campaign then this is a 4 star product. For everyone else this is a 3.5 star product, still some good stuff to mine and not bad for the price.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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