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Dungeon of Terror#6: Lord of the Undead

Dungeon of Terror#6: Lord of the Undead

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Date Added: Wednesday 31 August, 2016

by Megan Robertson

As if there weren't enough problems in this massive underground complex, there's an infestation of undead to contend with. It seems that just after the so-called 'mad mage' Infidus the Black, who either chased out the original dwarven inhabitants or took over the place after they'd gone (opinion is divided), perished, a lich called Alseriak moved in, searching for anything that would make him more powerful. He began to study Infidus' books and populated the complex with his own creatures. Then a vampire, Varlania, came along and began to compete with him for the knowledge in the books, sending hordes of her spawn against Alseriak's creatures, never daring to face him herself... until one day they met and fell for each other! Together they created their own unique unded, the runed vampires.

There are twenty-one rooms in this section of the complex, and there's the potential for many secrets to be found there - especially if you go with the story. There's a little more explanation of runed vampires and their specific characteristics, although you will have to do some development work yourself before they are ready to meet marauding adventurers.

The usual technological mastery of PDFs is on display with the Rule the Dungeon button giving you a measure of control about what is displayed on each of the miniatures-scale map tiles, and there's an overview page showing how this section fits into the whole complex for those who choose to use it that way. Alternatively, it could make a good stand-alone lair for necromantic or undead activity if that meets your needs better.

Whilst this is not a ready-made dungeon there's enough to get you started, with some good coherent ideas about who might be there and what they are doing to help you in planning out this part of the delve.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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