The Divine Alligator (OSRIC)

The Divine Alligator (OSRIC)

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Date Added: Wednesday 08 January, 2014

by Richard Kropp

Before I begin, just so you know my experience. I began playing Dungeons and Dragons about the time that the 1st edition books came out.

I've been reading the Divine Alligator so that I can use it at an upcoming gaming convention. It is divided into 4 separate parts so that it could be gamed over a series of about 1 hour sessions. I haven't run it yet, but it definitely looks like something that could be finished in a single 4-hour gaming session. The module provides 4 different suggested "hooks" to begin the plot. This is an excellent idea, because some groups prefer hack and slash, while others are into problem solving, or maybe somewhere in between. The towns and villages are mapped and well fleshed out with an interesting variety of characters that have "real" personalities and pets. Some NPCs will follow the party during the adventure and reappear again. The ancient ruins has an Aztec sort of feel to it. I like to use miniatures, so I appreciated that the wandering monster charts are not unnecessarily long and instead focus on what parties should realistically encounter in the swamps. The plot is well done and the party is not locked into choosing certain paths. The author elaborates on the possibilities. So for example, should the party choose to wipe out a small village of lizardmen, or negotiate with them, the effect this might have on the plot is described fully. Groups that tire of the "single-path I don't really have a choice" adventures will truly appreciate the options The Divine Alligator provides. At the conclusion of the module, there are suggestions for further adventures, should your group want to stay in the area for a bit longer.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to also purchase and download the room tiles that go with this module. I don't have a fancy printer, but I recently had them printed at an office supply store for about 60 cents a page and they look excellent.

3 Things I would like to see done in a future update. I took all the rumors mentioned in the background, and created a 20 item "rumor table" for the players to roll on as they talk to the inhabitants of the first town. The second is that I would like to see the maps separated and placed at the beginning or end of the appropriate chapter. Placing them all in the center of the book was a bit confusing for me at first, but might be necessary from an editing standpoint. The 3rd suggestion would be to make a discounted bundle for both the module and the tiles, even though both are already very reasonably priced.

I highly recommend this module. It was the first one I purchased here. I hope that additional modules that have color room floor plans are in the works for the future. I'm going to look for more here as soon as I finish typing this. I don't usually take time to write reviews. But if you like open-ended, action-packed adventures that can tell a good story without the mile-long descriptions that put players to sleep, then you don't want to miss out on this one. You will definitely get your money's worth for this product.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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