The Great City: Urban Creatures & Lairs

The Great City: Urban Creatures & Lairs

This product features descriptions and stat-blocks for twenty urban-based monsters using the rules presented in the Pathfinder Bestiary. In addition, each entry contains further information for how to use the creature in an encounter, encounter ideas, and for most of the entries, a fully detailed lair which you can simply drop into an adventure as a plug-and-play mini-adventure or encounter. While you might get a few less monsters than in a typical bestiary, our goal was to give you very usable monsters, and of course showcase 0one’s exquisite maps.

Here's the list of monsters in the book

Arrbriong CR 2
Bay Zombie CR 4
Bay Zombie Leviathan CR 18
Bone Hag CR 8
Corpse Rider CR 4
Earwig Swarm CR 4
Fabricata CR 1
feral cat CR 1/3
feral cat (swarm) CR 3
feral dog CR 1/2
Gutterkin (devil) CR 5
Harvester CR 6
Harvestman CR 2
Mokkahl CR 11
Jacke-in-the-Rafters (Weitheryn) CR 7
Monstrous Earwig CR 1
Penumbral Bride CR 9
Plague Lichen CR 3
Saarn CR 10
Screegie CR 1/4
Screegie (swarm) CR 2
Shi (sin-eater) CR 13
Siluri CR 3
Stone Gougers CR 1/2
Tillochann CR 14
Zaelemental CR 13
Zaelemental, greater CR 16

Download the Harvestman for free HERE!

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