Urban Adventures: A Pound of Flesh

Urban Adventures: A Pound of Flesh
The Great City remains an ever-growing conurbation whose opulent aristocracy is fueled by the influx of international, free-market trade. Dreams of wealth draw transients to the city like avaricious vultures to the flesh of a fallen calf, but the free-market is only one of the many ways to get rich in the Great City.

A Pound of Flesh is a d20 adventure designed for use with the 3.5. version of the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game. A low-level urban adventure, Pound of Flesh is designed to introduce players to 0one games Great City Campaign Setting and is most appropriate for a group of four 3rd-level characters.

Mary Black.

The module includes beutiful artwork by Eric Lofgren and Hugh Vogt.
Additional material about the Great City and the Dock Ward can be found in the following titles:

UA001 - The Great City Campaign Setting
BB001 - Øone’s Blueprints Backdrops: The Golden Eel Inn
BLU20 - Øone’s Blueprints: The Great City
BLU36 - Øone’s Blueprints: The Great City, Cutthroats’ Alley
BLU21 - Øone’s Blueprints: The Great City, Dock Ward
BLU46 - Øone’s Blueprints: The Great City, The Saltshacks

Kythra's Manor

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