Battlemaps Lairs: Mummy's Tomb

Battlemaps Lairs: Mummy\'s Tomb

Welcome to Battlemaps Lairs.
These products are part of the acclaimed Master Accessories line. Each product features a small monster’s lair, usually three or four rooms, that can be easily added to your ongoing campaign. For each product, you get a wonderful overview map and three or four battlemaps for miniature games, detailing each room of the lair. The battlemaps are superb 3d renderings at the stunning resolution of 150 dpi, which allows you to obtain an amazing print quality. For each map, you get also a grayscale-optimized version
In addition, Battlemaps Lairs offer you a degree of customization. At the bottom of each color map you will find a checkbox (that will not be printed) that allows you to make the room “empty”. Thus, if you do not need that sarcophagus in the mummy’s tomb (perhaps because it doesn’t fit in your story) you can easily remove it.

Tomb Overview

The Mummy’s Tomb
The Mummy’s tomb is a three-rooms lair. A small corridor connects a laboratory for mummification, a canopic jars storage room and the tomb. Here are some hints to plug in this small lair in your dungeon, and some adventure ideas.

• The tomb is part of a larger tomb complex. A secret door covered by strange hieroglyphs leads to this forgotten area. The real danger here is the half-finished mummy in the laboratory. It could be a variant type of undead that retains some glimpses of the living world, since its mummification is not complete. The half-mummy could attack the PCs or, your choice, ask them to complete the mummification process.

• The PCs are hunting for the tomb, in order to slay the mummy lord that it is said dwells in the tomb. Eventually they reach the tomb and bypass some traps reaching the room of the sarcophagus. The battle begins but they are not able to destroy the monster, it seems invulnerable. In order to kill the mummy the PCs must destroy its organs located in the canopic jars.


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