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Dungeon of Terror#4: The Maze

Dungeon of Terror#4: The Maze

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Date Added: Saturday 27 August, 2016

by Megan Robertson

In this installment of the massive Dungeon of Terror underground complex, you are provided with an area that encompasses one of only two entrances to the complex and a maze that is said to be haunted by the spirit of a minotaur which once was trapped there by Infidus, the (allegedly) insane mage who made this complex his home after driving out the dwarves who used to live and work there (or he may have found the place deserted and the dwarves long gone, records are unclear on this point!).

The maze is trapped with a complex series of teleports, although there is a way to neutralise them... if the party can find it! There are also some inhabitants who have started making their own modifications - although perhaps they are better adventurers than they are bricklayers - and who offer to show visitors the way through, for a fat fee of course.

In total, this area comprises some fifteen rooms and the passages between them... a LOT of passages! It is presented as an overview (which also shows this area's position in relation to the rest of the complex), and as a series of miniature-scale tiles you can print out and use on the tabletop. 0one's well-known mastery of PDF technology allows you to customise the features of the tiles via a 'Rule the Dungeon' button that lets you show or hide room numbers or furniture, have a square or hex grid or none at all, or decide how heavy you want the walls.

Although ideas are provided for who might be here and what they might be doing, it's left up to you to 'populate' your dungeon and decide what's going on there. Perfect if you don't care for drawing floorplans (especially if you like using miniatures) but have a good imagination to build a story around them.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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