Road to Revolution: The Skullcrackers

Road to Revolution: The Skullcrackers

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Date Added: Wednesday 20 October, 2010

by Dark Mistress

This product is 43 pages long. It starts with a cover, blank page, credits and ToC. (4 pages)

Next it moves into a adventure summery and overview. This is the first part of a six part adventure series that takes place in the Great City campaign setting, also by 0Onegames. The adventure is for 1st level characters and should take characters to 3rd level by the end. The over view of the adventure is a murder investigation, but there is a underlining greater story arc going on that involves the rest of the adventures in the series. (2 pages)

Chapter 1 – The Body (2 ½ pages)
This involves finding the body and getting involved in the investigation. It is not all social, but I won't spoil while.

Chapter 2 – Grang's Crematorium and Casket Shop (6 pages)
After the first part most of the rest of the adventure can be done in any order depending on the PC's actions. It is a very sand box style investigation. So this may not be their second encounter. This is about the PC's wanting to see the body to examine it.

Chapter 3 – You're in the Army Now (3 ½ pages)
This section is if the PC's talk to the military(the dead was a soldier) about their findings or the city watch. There is a follow up encounter afterward's as well.

Chapter 4 – Asking Around Town (2 ½ pages)
This is if the PC's ask around town about the goings on they have uncovered up to this point. Mostly a social encounter section.

Chapter 5 – The Sewers (5 pages)
This is where the investigation has pointed to a local gang and where they confront the gang about it. It involves having a mini dungeon crawl to learn vital information.

Chapter 6 – Residential Ward (2 pages)
Part of this section can happen at any time and part of it only after some of the previous parts have happened. The final set encounter will lead the investigation to the next part.

Chapter 7 – Smugglers Tunnels (4 ½ pages)
This part is another favor the PC's are asked to do for the information they need for the investigation. This is a mini dungeon crawl.

Chapter 8 – I Smell a Rat (4 pages)
This is the section where the PC's finally track down the killer and solve the case. I won't get into details even vague ones as it would ruin the mystery.

Appendix – New Creatures (2 pages)
1 new monster a cerebral bat. Full stat blocks and history for the new monster.

It closes with 1 page handout, OGL, 2 pages of ads and back cover. (5 pages)

Closing thoughts. I liked the adventure but then I like urban and mystery adventures. The artwork is good black and white line art. It has a nice mix of social encounters and combat ones. It is also a nice intro adventure for the Great City campaign setting as it introduces you to several area's around the city. For the most part the hooks to follow the investigation from section to section are good, certainly good enough with at most minor tweaks the DM can make sure they players are able to follow it. The only real weak spot in the adventure I saw was the first plot hook to get involved. It is a decent one and I think most PC's would bite, but I don't think all would with out a little nudging from the DM.

Other than that one little negative I think it is a well done urban mystery adventure. I am going to give this one a 4.5 star rating. It was very good but not great. Well worth picking up if you like urban or mystery adventures.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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