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Øone's Black & White: Tumbledown Manor

Øone\'s Black & White: Tumbledown Manor
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The brooding mansion rests atop a small rise surrounded by an overgrown garden. Undergrowth ranges from impenetrable thickets of thorns and briars to thick tuffets of former lawns invaded by young saplings. There is an eerie atmosphere of neglect, not lifted by the daytime birdsong that fills the former pleasure grounds.
A timber coach-house and stables that once serviced the Lord and his guests has all but disappeared into a few rotten timbers covered in noxious weeds to the north of the main house.
At night, the area is doubly spooky, with rustling noises and the occasional cries of animals hunting among the wild shrubs and tangled boughs. The roof burned and collapsed in the original fire, leaving charred timbers jutting out like the ribcage of a giant, fallen beast.

This product contains a referee map and 25 customizable tiles

The Referee map and Some tiles (with different degrees of customization)

This product line brings you simple tiles for your favorite RPGs. In each product you will find a whole fantasy location fully fleshed out in miniature-scale tiles with the usual Øone’s top-notch customization capabilities. The B&W maps are simple, line art battlemaps you can customize to suit your needs and then print.
These tiles are accurate, detailed, inexpensive and no ink-eaters.

In each B&W product you’ll find:
• A Referee map detailing a fantasy location
• The whole location broken in US Letter sheets in miniature scale (each sheet contains a 8x10 inches tile)
• A short description of each area of the location with suggested plots

The Rule the Dungeon© Feature
This Øone’s exclusive feature allows you to customize the look of your map by adding the furniture, toggle the grid, hide the room numbers and much more.
On the Referee Map, you will find a big “Rule the Dungeon” button.
By clicking on this button some options will be shown, as detailed below. A checkmark will appear beside the options active.
The options available could vary with products, below is a list of the most common options included in B&W products:

Text: toggle room numbers and tile numbers.
Tiling: toggle the page tiling (Referee Map only)
Furniture: toggle furniture
Doors: toggle doors
Square Grid: toggle square grid
Hex Grid: toggle hexagonal grid
Hex Grid 1 inch: toggle hexagonal grid, 1 inch
• Secrets NEW!: toggle the secret doors and hidden features
No Grid: turn off the grid
Black Fill: toggle the black in the walls
Grey Fill: toggle the grey fill in the walls
No Fill: toggle the white fill in the walls
All: toggle default state/empty state (with just the walls).

Other Features
Vector Graphics: get always maximum print resolution
Fully Bookmarked
Enhanced Navigation and Printing: Clicking on the Referee Map gives you choices for navigation and printing

Available Options:

pdf format:

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