Tile Designer: Wilderness Pack #1

Tile Designer: Wilderness Pack #1
Wilderness Tile Designer is a great PDF, allowing you to build customized wilderness with ease, and here’s a great addition for it: a set of 33 “static” tiles specifically designed for use with the Tile Designer products. These are 6x6 inches tiles matching the look and feel of the Wilderness Tile Designer (however they can be used for any purpose). The tiles add objects, lakes, waterfalls and features not available in WTD. The tiles can be use as starting point for building new exciting wilderness as well as to craft unique open areas.


Well and Stone Bridge

This Wilderness Pack contains the following tiles:

01: Circle of Stones NW
02: Circle of Stones N
03: Circle of Stones NE
04: Circle of Stones E
05: Altar
06: Waterfall Small
07: Waterfall Big
08: Lake NW
09: Lake N
10: Lake NE
11: Lake E
12: Lake SE
13: Lake S
14: Lake SW
15: Lake W
16: Lake Middle
17: Lake Rock
18: Fence Small
19: Fence Big, Corner
20: Fence Big, Straight
21: Fence Big, Gate
22: Cart Diagonal
23: Cart Along Way
24: Drinking Basin
25: Off-Tile Trees, Straight
26: Off-Tile Trees, Corner
27: Off-Tile Trees, Heavy
28: Tombs
29: Alternate Campfire
30: Well
31: Stone Bridge, Small
32: Stone Bridge, Big
33: Cave Entrance, Big

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