The Legend of the Steel General

The Legend of the Steel General
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I am truly exciting to present The Legend of the Steel General again. This adventure made role-playing history by being the first d20 product published in PDF format. Beyond its historical value, it's also a really good adventure and it was worth if for me to update it and refresh its graphic style. The main text is left mostly unchanged, but many errors have been corrected, various bugs fixed, and all stat blocks and monsters have been revised. The illustrations and cover artwork are all new, as are all the maps for which Øone Games have become particularly renowned. I hope you will enjoy this adventure and that it encourages you to make the jump into the world of the Seven Avengers.

Mario Barbati 03/17/2003

Beautiful 3d maps


There was a time where the Gods chose our world as a battlefield.

They created the human race as their armies.
After at least a thousand years of war comes the hour of the final battles.
The Light God’s armies barricaded themselves in Galinor’s Fortress and the monstrous Dark Armies besieged them for five hundred years.
It was on that day, the day of Separation, Galinor, supreme God of Light, chose to sacrifice himself in order to end the war.

The weather was dark, the sky filled with lightning and thunder, when Galinor opened the Fortress doors to battle with the enemy.
At their side there were Savanah, known today as "the survival goddess" and few humans, Galinor’s favourites, among them: Gadrath The Immortal and the gigantic Draman, the Red Warrior.

On the other side, leading the Dark Armies, there were Kn’Zadrak, the supreme Dark God, followed by a crowd of Dark Gods. Among them: Xagon and Mardan, gods of death and plague, Hyssiyan, Kadram, Demexa and many others. There were also some humans and humanoids, among them: seven Black Generals commanding the Dark Legions.

Legend tells that Galinor called his favourite Gadrath and spoke to him for a brief moment, then silently turned against Kn’Zadrak drawing out his light sword.
Kn’Zadrak looked at Galinor’s move and laughed: "Look brothers, the last god of light is about to die!". Saying that Zadrak drew out Varadah, his fearful black sword and advanced.

New monsters and NPCs

But, while Zadrak was coming, Galinor summoned all his powers and polymorphed himself into a lightning, throwing all his being against Zadrak’s chest. The soul of the Black God was split by the incredible impact with the essence of light and all the dark gods behind him were shaken.
While Galinor’s essence was dying and Savanah’s eyes were filled with tears, in the sky flew seven pieces belonging to the soul of the Dark God: seven black lights. The dark gods quickly cast a powerful spell to unify the soul of the Black God, which was split but not dead.
This was the moment when human history was born. Never before had a man dared to interfere with the gods; now that man existed and his name was: Gadrath the Immortal.

Gadrath, the wizard, advanced on the battlefield together with the gigantic Draman who wielded his sword forged by Galinor itself: Neterah, then known as "The guardian of the night ".
In the meanwhile the Dark Gods concentrated his powers in order to unify the broken soul of the Black God and the seven shards began to approach one another.
Suddenly Gadrath casts a powerful spell onto the Red Warrior sword who raised the weapon in the middle of the unifying shards.
The black lights flew away, repelled by the power of the Light and they found refuge in the bodies of the seven Black Generals who instantly fell to the ground senseless. After a sign from Gadrath, the army of Light emerged from the Fortress doors. Over half million horsemen in gleaming armor, the same number of archers and two-million infantry swarmed onto the battlefield.

Under normal conditions, they could never win because there were three times as many dark armies has them but the Dark Gods were tired after casting the reunification spell and the morale of the army was severely shaken by the fall of seven Black Generals to the ground.
While the two armies clashed with a rumble like a thousand thunders the Dark Gods quickly retreated taking the bodies of the Seven Generals.
The battle raged for four days; it was told that Draman slew more than a thousand enemies wielding the Guardian Sword singing with joy.

When everything was over Savanah, who was the last goddess on the battlefield, laid her hand on Gadrath’s shoulder saying: "You begun the human race history, from this moment you will forge your destiny on your own, as long as the Guardian Sword remains in the hands of Light, Zadrak’s soul cannot reunify." With these words Savanah become a comet and disappeared into the sky.
In the centuries after the Guardian Sword was secured, Gadrath hunted all of the Dark Gods hiding the Seven Generals in seven secret places.

While the hosts of Zadrak’s power slept, Gadrath slew the Gods one by one with the help of the descendants of Draman The Red and other friends that become legends such as: Swarn the Silver Archer or Fidenath the Sly or Rangh the Steel General.
After six thousands years none of the Dark Gods were alive, but Gadrath was not able to find any trace of the Seven Generals. Frustrated by fruitless searching, the arch-mage gave the Guardian Sword to the Draman, descendant of Draman the Red and retired to anonymity.
But before leaving he made the last prodigy. The The Guardian of The Night was inset in a great quartz disk that became the table around which the Seven Kings of the North reunite every year.The sword appeared only at night and Gadrath commanded that a man of royal blood watch the Sword all the time.

After ten thousand years, vague legends began to spread among the people foretelling the awakening of the Seven Black Generals.

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