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Heroes & Magic Sourcebook
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The world of Arthad is divided into kingdoms. In every kingdom lives a race who are direct descendants of one of the Galinor favorites, apart from Gadrath the Immortal who has no descendants. Most of the races are human, with rare exceptions that are not covered in this book. Humans are however not a single race but a number of races differing in many ways.
You’ll find the usual favored class for any race and a forbidden class. A Forbidden class means the race cannot take that class for role-playing reasons (i.e. a Drakand barbarian can’t be a literate cavalier), your Referee may, of course, change these rules.
In this book you will find several races, a new class and a basic explanation of how magic works. This helps you start the Seven Avengers Saga.

In the world of Arthad, the magic belongs to Symmetry and Harmony. The Symmetry is arcane magic and the Harmony is divine magic.

Wizards, Sorcerers and Symmetry.
Symmetry magic works exactly as arcane magic explained in the Player’s Handbook. In this world however, magic is very, very rare. We strongly suggest allowing the players to make only one wizard/sorcerer in their party. This wizard will be the only one in his class for miles around, he may even be the only wizard in the region. Sorcery is feared and disliked by people. Although legend has it that Gadrath the Immortal is a wizard and hero, the people think Gadrath was endowed by divine power and he was not a "true mage". Sorcery is well accepted amongst literate people and the upper classes. For example many (well, you can count them on your fingertips) wizards and sorcerers live among the Land People, regarded as the most literate people in the west. Amongst the upper classes, sorcery is tacitly accepted whilst the lower classes fear and condemn sorcery. In small villages, people are inclined to capture and burn any man or woman believed to be a wizard or sorcerer.

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