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Tile Designers FAQ

Postby Master01 on Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:10 pm

Here's FAQ for Tile Designers Products

Q: Can I save a tile I made with a Tile Designer Product?
A: No, You can't. Tile Designer products aren't strictly programs, they use small javascripts to assemble pre-made tiles on a pdf document.
Workaround: You can make a screenshot of the tile you just did by using "stamp screen" or "command+alt+4" if you work on a Mac. (the grab image of Acrobat Reader does not work properly). So you can store your image as .jpg or any other graphic format by pasting it into Photoshop or any other program and saving it. We suggest you to set the view to 200% in Acrobat Reader before taking the screenshot and to reduce it at 50% in the print dialog before printing, This should give you a good print resolution.

Q: Will you make a hexagonal-based tile designer?
A: Tiles based on hexagonal grid can't be square, so it would be an entirely new product. At the moment they are not scheduled.
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